Village Public Telephones(VPT)

VPT AGREEMENT valid for 07 Years from the effective date i.e. 27.02.2009 has been extended from 26.02.2016 to 31.03.2020 vide USOF Letter No. 30-131/2013-USF dated. 27.05.2016.

Universal Service Provider :-BSNL

No. of newly identified uncovered villages :-2412.

General Conditions

The scope of this Agreement is aimed to provide by the Universal Service Provider (USP), VPTs in newly identified uncovered inhabited villages, as per Census 2001 without any public telephone facility, in the service areas described in the Agreement and to operate and maintain such VPTs.

In addition to the VPTs specified in the Agreement, the USP may provide the VPTs in other areas also (including those decided by Government time to time) like:

  •   In villages with more than 40% SC population,
  •   Villages left out due to naxalite/insurgency prone areas, deep forest, villages left out in other agreements relating to Public access,
  •   In Army posts and other remote locations.
  •   New villages subsequently identified under Census 2001,
  •   In hamlets
  •   In villages owing to any other reason as specified by Government time to time.

VPTs provided on FWTs/FCTs should be provided with Solar charging devices of adequate capacity as power back up. Charge indicators for computation of charges payable by users to be provided by every VPT. The effective date of agreement is 27th February, 2009. The validity of Agreement is 7 years from the effective date.

The subsidy support under the Agreement shall be extended upto a maximum period of 5 (five) years from the date the VPT is installed and made functional. The USP shall be solely responsible for provision and operation of necessary equipment and systems, treatment of subscriber complaints, collection of call charges and issue of receipt thereof, attending to claims and damages arising out of operations.

The USP shall work within the framework of the terms and conditions of the basic service license.

Other conditions

In cases of faults for more than 7 days in a quarter, the subsidy shall be deducted proportionately for the total number of days VPT remained faulty during the quarter. In cases, however, where the VPT remains faulty for 45 days or more in a quarter, no subsidy for the entire quarter shall be allowed.

VPTs that remain disconnected on account of non-payment and VPTs that register no incremental meter reading during the entire quarter shall not qualify for any subsidy support for that quarter. VPTs subsidy claim should be verified by the Competent Authority to the effect that information furnished in the claim tallies with billing record.