Pension term is judicially defined as a stated allowance or stipend made in consideration of past service or surrender of rights or emoluments to one retired from service. The goal of pension scheme is that the pensioner would be able to live free from want, with decency, independence, self respect and maintain a standard equivalent at the pre-retirement level.

Pension is accrual of monthly payment to a retired employee based on the length of qualifying service and average of “Emoluments” during last ten months preceding the date of retirement of 50% of last pay drawn, whichever is beneficial. It is a claim to be regulated under CCS Pension Rule 1972. Family Pension is also a claim of the family of an employee/pensioner after death in service/retirement. This claim is to be regulated under Family Pension Rules 1964. Commutation is optional which is limited up to maximum 40% of Pension. As per the 7th CPC, the maximum limit of RG/DG is Rs.20,0000/- (Twenty Lakhs only). The minimum Pension is Rs.9000/-

Role of CCA

CCA Bihar is always at the service of pensioners with their utmost satisfaction and always ready for speedy settlement of the grievances. . The office deals the Pension/Family Pension cases of about twelve thousand DOT & BSNL Pensioners who were appointed prior to the date of formation of BSNL i.e. 01.10.2000. Pensioners can contact us or send their feedback to this office through our website, Pensioners Help Line No 1800-3456-183, E-mail, PG Portal, Pension Adalat etc

Jeevan Pramaan:

It is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners. Pensioners of Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization can take benefit of this facility. One of the major requisite for the pensioners post their retirement from service, is to provide life certificates to the authorized pension disbursing agencies like Banks, Post offices etc., following which their pension is credited to their account. In order to get this life certificate the individual drawing the pension is required to either personally present oneself before the Pension Disbursing Agency or have the Life Certificate issued by authority where they have served earlier and have it delivered to the disbursing agency. With Jeevan Pramaan, the pensioners’ requirement to physically present himself/ herself in front of the disbursing agency or the certification authority will become a thing of the past.
CCA office, Bihar has a Jeevan Praman Kiosk installed in its campus and welcomes BSNL/DoT pensioners to create their digital life certificate. Pensioners must bring their Adhaar Number, Mobile Number( one time password is generated) along with details of PPO and Disbursing agency.

Contact Person:

Shri Chhatu Thakur
O/o the CCA, Bihar Telecome Circle,
CCA Building, Sanchar Parisar,
Budh Marg, Patna-800 001.
Tel No: 0612-2213103