General Provident Fund(GPF):- GPF Contribution is compulsory for all pensionable employees including pensioners and apprentices, who have completed one year's service.And also for re-employed pensioners and temporary employees,appointed on regular vacancies and likely to continue for more than one year.Employees,including re-employed pensioners who subscribe to Contributory Provident Fund,are not eligible to join GPF.These rules shall not apply to Govt. servants appointed on or after 01.01.2004

The account is maintained in the name of each subscriber(under their respective DDO),which is credited by his subscriptions,interest thereon and recoveries of advances,and debited by advances and withdrawals.The Subscription should be minimum 6% of the emoluments and maximum equal to his total emoluments.Employees can increase the rate of subscription twice and/or decrease once in a calendar year.

Role of CCA

This Office is maintaining the GPF accounts and making GPF final payment and DLI through COMPACT package in respect of:
(i) CCA office : 42 Employees
(ii) TERM Cell : 16 Employees
(iii)WMS : 01 Employees
(iv) BSNL(absorbed employees) : 4210 Employees(as on 31.10.2016)
(v) Deputatationist : 07 Employees