About CCA

The Office of Controller of Communication Accounts (CCA), Bihar, is pleased to have you here on this web-site. This site that has been put together to help you keep abreast of all the latest developments and to facilitate easier access to relevant information that you need at your own convenience.

What Included
  • Brief Introduction to our Office.
  • Latest Orders and Circulars.
  • Different Matters related to our pensioners.
  • USO information and reports.
  • Downloadable Forms.
  • Retirement Schedules.
  • Different Reports.
  • Contracts Concluded - Monthly Reports.
Future Plans

The office of Controller of Communication Accounts has begun its journey using a completely new medium. In the days ahead, our endeavour would be to enrich this web-site with useful contents for our esteemed visitors.


On corporatization of Dept. of Telecom Operations (D.T.O) and Dept. of Telecom Services (D.T.S.), the Controller of Communication Accounts office (erstwhile DoT Cell) came into existence from 1-10-2000 in Bihar along with other DoT Cells under Dept. of Telecom throughout country.


The detail of items of work performed by the Offices of Controller of Communication Accounts is as under:

  • Collection of License Fee & Spectrum Usages Charges (SUC).
  • Verification of deduction claimed by the Services providers.
  • Assessment of License fee paid in respect of ISP-IT.
  • Settlement of Universal Service subsidy claims, disbursement of subsidy, inspection and monitoring of Telecom Service Providers besides evaluation studies.
  • Spectrum Revenues Billing Collection & Assessment.